How to choose your study mode regular or distance or private?

As one can’t ponder life without soul and in the same way humanity can’t be thought
deprived up of education. Education and knowledge is the backbone of society. Better is the
quality of education bright will be the future of society and nation. Therefore a lot of

emphases are put on maintaining a high standard of education at various stages. Positive
results can be seen as now various modes of pursuing degrees and courses are available for
prosperous students. One can opt any mode of education as according to his convenience. 
Various modes of pursuing a course
Technology has attained high parapet so one can opt any mode from various available
choices. Different modes of pursuing course are:-

  1. Regular mode 
  2. Distance mode
  3. Part-time education
  4. Correspondence mode
    Students have lots of questions related to various methods of course. Which course is better
    for them? What is an eligibility criterion for different modes? What would be future job
    opportunities post completion of course in various modes and much more? We, Sky
    Education Group have assembled all important information related to various modes of study
    to assist all students in having a firm decision to pursue the appropriate course of his choice.
    Regular mode of study
    All over the world mode of pursuing education is bifurcated into two major modes i.e. regular
    and distance mode of education. Key points related to the regular mode of education are:-
  5. Regular mode of education is widely opted in India as well as the world.
  6. It is the traditional mode of education where the student has to attend regular classes to
    pursue their course curriculum. 
  7. The student also has to pay a big amount to get enrolled in the desired course of study. 
  8. The student has the opportunity to opt for any course of his choice from the sea of
    available courses. 
  9. Students have to study according to a fixed schedule of college. 
  10. In this mode, the student comes in direct contact of trained staffs and faculties. 
  11. It also assists students in getting a good job with high campus placement.
    Fees of courses in regular mode
    There are various courses available in regular mode. Fees of course solely depend on the
    course one is opting for and college chosen for pursuing the course. Basically, course fee in
    regular mode lies in between Rs 20,000 to 15 Lakhs. 
    Distance mode of Education
    Distance mode of education is emerging as latest technology in the education sector at a great
    pace because of wonderful facilities it provides to students opting this mode. Let’s have an
    overview of key details of distance mode. 
  12. In this mode of education, the student is liberal of attending classes physically.
  13. In this mode, the student gets lectures online.
  14. Study material is provided in soft copy as well as hard copy.
  15. It is very flexible mode of education where there is no boundation of fixed timing of
  16. This mode of education is highly cheap with respect to regular mode.
  17. It gives students an opportunity to work while study and patronize themselves in becoming
    financially sound. 
  18. There is less assistance of job after completion of course in distance mode.
    Fees of courses in distance mode
    Distance mode courses are cheaper than regular mode and there are various courses available
    in distance mode. Basically, the distance mode of education course fees lies in between Rs
    10,000 to 50,000.
    Correspondence mode of Education

Correspondence mode came earlier to distance mode of education and it’s an innovative
alternative to regular classes. Correspondence course details are:-

  1. It is the highly flexible mode of education where student need not go to classes physically.
  2. In this mode of education, study material is provided by post or email.
  3. In this mode, online classes are not provided student only need to study full course
    curriculum from study material.
  4. In this mode of education there is very little interaction between student and the faculty.
  5. It is a very cheap mode of education and course fees lies within Rs 50,000.
  6. One can undergo any course of his choice in this mode with the continuation of his job.
    Now when you are aware of in-depth details of regular or distance or private mode of
    education. You can easily choose any mode as according to your choice and circumstances
    because all the modes are unique of their own with innovative flexibility and opportunities
    provided by them. You can also contact us, Sky Education Group for any further pieces of
    information related to various modes of courses, expert advice, and assistance in admission in
    any modes of study

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