MBA which is generally known as Master of Business Administration is a professional business degree. MBA can also be done by Distance Learning mode which is also an easiest way. Distance Learning is one of the method where the candidate can pursue his studies without attending classes in college and learn from wherever they want.

Candidates who wish to pursue their MBA and couldn’t complete because of their job, responsibilities or lack of money can opt this Distance MBA. If they are not interested in their current job and want to work for posts like Business Analytics, Marketing team or anything related to business and can’t work because lack of degree can enrol themselves in this distance learning programme and can show their degree to get the job they want without quitting their existing job. Sky education offer 2 year divided into 4 semester’s course for the MBA through distance mode.

Eligibility Criteria-

The candidate must be graduate in their respective field from a well renowned institution for 2 year course i.e 4 semester and may vary with universities and one must keep in mind that the criteria is well met before applying.


The candidates can make use of the online library and other facilities once enrolled into the university for MBA through Distance learning programme. There are various specialization and their courses will be listed in the university website such as Human Resource , Finance management , Information technology , Marketing , Banking , Operations , Hospitality management, Pharmaceutical marketing , Telecom management , Hospital administration , International Business , Hotel & tourism management, Supply chain management , International Trade Management , Digital Marketing etc.

Job Prospects-

The candidate who has been enrolled in any of the well renowned university for MBA through Distance learning has vivid jobs and depends on the type of specialization the candidate opts. Various Job can be Project manager, Operation manager, Human Resource manager, Project supervisor, Supply Chain head, Marketing Executive, Planning & Organising Expert, Accounting and Resource Management and many others. If the candidate is trying for improvement in his current company can avail using the MBA degree obtained through Distance Learning.

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