Why should one opt for a Distance MBA while working?

Management has always been a crucial parameter for getting innovative and positive results from any sort of task. Folks have to face lots of obstacles because of mismanagement. Therefore high emphasis is put on maintaining excellent standards of course curriculum of MBA. Presently there are various modes of pursuing MBA degrees like regular MBA, Distance MBA, Correspondence MBA and Executive MBA. Holding a regular MBA degree is a dream of students but are unable to fulfill it because of several reasons be it be lack of financial support, unable to secure a seat in top MBA college or can’t leave job to pursue regular MBA. Distance MBA is a one door solution to such folks and lots of students are opting distance MBA because of ample benefits it offers to its students. We Sky Education Group has clubbed various reasons to assist working professionally in resolving out their queries related to Why should they opt Distance MBA while working?. Let’s commence our discussion with the most important question.

What is the Distance MBA?

Distance MBA is unique of its kind MBA program in which student is not required to be present physically at campus and he gains complete knowledge on various subjects of management at any place of his convenience. It has emerged as a relief for working professionals who can’t opt for a regular MBA program and want to uplift their carrier. 

Various types of Distance MBA

In the present era of the amorphous zone of the internet where complicated tasks are becoming much and more simple. Positive results of technology can also be witnessed in education too. Now students can pursue Distance MBA in any of the two ways:-

1. Online MBA program – Online MBA is provided by various top-notch business schools in which hard copy and soft copy of study material are provided to you and you can also use videos to build your concepts and gain management skills and assessment is done by online assignments and exams.

2. Hybrid MBA program – It is an internationally opted Distance MBA which is same as online MBA program only the difference lies in the additional feature provided by it. As Hybrid MBA is the latest form of Distance MBA so students have the option to go on-campus for completing course curriculum along with online study notes and videos.

Duration of Distance MBA

Duration, of course, is 2 years extendable up to 5 years.

Eligibility criteria for pursuing Distance MBA

Basic eligibility criteria for pursuing a distance MBA course is Bachelor’s degree but for pursuing MBA from top-notch institutes student requires a minimum of 1 to 3 years of full-time work experience. It is the most chosen course opted by working professionals.


Reasons for why should one opt for a Distance MBA while working

There are various reasons which put weightage to benefits of pursuing distance MBA and why a working professional should opt for it. These reasons are:-

1. Affordable price – Distance MBA is extremely cheap with respect to regular MBA. Its cost lies between Rs. 50,000 to 1.5 Lakhs.

2. A platform to uplift your career – In the present era of high cut competition simply work experience of 3 to 5 years is not enough to make you attain a managerial position in multinational organizations. Companies need a professional degree along with a required set of skill sets. Distance MBA assists working professionals in getting management degree so that they can attain high parapet of success and be at top level management. 

3. Study at your convenience – In distance MBA student gets all videos of classes and student material in soft copy as well as in hard copy. So that he or she can study at any time of his wish and complete his MBA.

4. Excellent opportunity to study in top-notch business school – Getting admission in top business schools like NMIMS, IMT, IIMs, FMS, IIFT, Symbiosis for pursuing regular MBA is not an easy task but one can easily get admission in distance MBA in these business schools and fulfill his dream of being part of these business schools. 

5. A wonderful option to study while you earn – Money is an important parameter which serve as a reason of doing most of works and studies but distance MBA is deprived up of this major obstacle because it provides an excellent opportunity to working professionals to pursue MBA with the continuation of their job and earning money while learning. 

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