Distance MBA in Hospital Administration

Distance MBA in Hospital Administration helps students to gaining advanced business skills required to regulate healthcare delivery systems. You can become a medical director and a finance manager in a hospital.

Distance MBA in Hospital Administration

The administration has always been an interesting and challenging task for humans. But by time government has put great emphasis to reform methods of management. Science has also assisted with innovative methodologies for easy and prompt completion of the task. New methodologies can be experienced in every sector whether it is medical field or engineering sector or any other field. In recent era scope of MBA in Hospital Administration is enhancing a lot and you can easily influence the positive impact of it in services of clinics and hospitals.

But still, most of the folks are unaware of all details of regular MBA in Hospital Administration and MBA distance education. We Sky Education have accumulated all important information at a place to assist students in pursuing distance learning MBA in Hospital Administration. Let's initiate with the most basic and important question:-

What is MBA in Hospital Administration?

MBA in Hospital Administration is a 2-year post graduate degree that patronizes students to gain knowledge in advanced business skills required to organize and regulate healthcare delivery systems. This course basically focuses on strengthening the functional skills of students and assisting them in learning organizational structure of multi-dimensional healthcare organizations. In this course students also study a wide range of subjects related to Business Administration and healthcare management. There are various distance education universities in India which are offering distance learning MBA in healthcare management. Sky Education Group is one of the best distance learning institute in Delhi NCR offering Distance MBA in Hospital Administration.

Course details and syllabus of Distance MBA in Hospital Administration

MBA in Hospital Administration is a 2-year post graduate degree divided into 4 semesters.

Semester wise distribution of syllabus

Semester 1

  1. Principles and practice of management
  2. Accounting for managers
  3. Business statistics
  4. Organization and management of hospitals.
  5. Principles of Hospital planning and organization
  6. Clinical diagnostic and therapeutic services
  7. Communication for management

Semester 2

  1. Research Methodology
  2. Operation Research
  3. Managing Human Resources
  4. Quality in Health Services
  5. Safety and risk management

Semester 3

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Business Environment
  3. Legal and Ethical issues for Hospital
  4. Hospital engineering and services
  5. Hospital Services Marketing

Semester 4

  1. Team Paper
  2. Health system management

Dissertation/ preparation and presentation of case studies in respect to Hospital Management

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